First Down!

Today’s Sunday, and even though I’ve been riding high on my team’s Super Bowl victory–go Pats!–I miss my weekly Sunday ritual of watching the football games. So I wrote a little short to help ease the loss. It’s erotic. And it has plenty of cringe-worthy football puns. I hope you enjoy it, even if you’re … More First Down!

Teaser Tuesday

Today, I’m sharing a lil’ tease from my soon-to-be published story, Three-Way Weekend! The book comes out next month from Fireborn Publishing, and I’m super excited for everyone to read it. Hopefully, this excerpt will whet your appetite for more. Title: Three-Way Weekend Jeremy wished he had a glass of water. His mouth had dried … More Teaser Tuesday

Apron, With Love

Happy Valentine’s Day! This is a 6000+ story I wrote a few years back about one of my favorite couples, Ray and Warren. There is love, lust, an apron, and smut. LOTS of smut. So you might want to have some tissues handy. 😉 Since this story is Valentine’s-themed, I thought it’d be perfect to … More Apron, With Love

Re: Punishment

((A/N: This takes off where Punishment ended, in Brett’s POV)) Together they headed for the locker room, neither one saying a word, nor did their gazes venture from the grass crunching beneath their feet as they walked. Brett was embarrassed as fuck. Just moments ago, he’d sucked his enemy’s dick. And vice versa. Because of … More Re: Punishment

Mon Rôdeur

Cross was being watched. Nestled among the din of the wealthy, his little stalker appeared to blend in well. Not to him. His stalker remained buried in the shadows, speaking to no one while nursing a glass of Krug Brut vintage. Though he took not a sip. Cross noted the tell-tale signs of hunger in … More Mon Rôdeur


You slid the ring on my finger. I slid the ring on yours. We kissed. So happy. So in love. We honeymooned in Italy. And made love in front of hot fireplaces, our naked bodies luxuriating on top the warm, pelt rug. I called your name. You called mine. Our flushed bodies pressed together, you … More Innamorato