Huddle: Sex With Sporty Queers vol 1: Boys Varsity – “Punishment”


Huddle: Sex With Sporty Queers (Vo1. 1: Boys Varsity) is M/M erotica with a smart and sexy punch. It features five stories about ripped, young quarterbacks vying for the starting position; a loud-mouthed tennis player with an ass you could bounce coins off of; two, young runners in the woods enjoying the most unexpected break; a popular jock who experiments with his sexuality only when the door is closed; and a hot-shot pitcher looking for a way to relax before facing his long-time rivals. Huddle’s erotic literature will hit you hard with tough-guy swagger and fake you out with fan-boy obsession. Think you can hang?

Available — Go Deeper PressAmazon

Mammoth Book of Uniform Erotica – “Incentive Training”

The Mammoth Book of Uniform Erotica features outrageous confessions of uniform fantasies and shocking sexual adventures, from soldiers to policemen to waitresses and more. Along with the uniforms, these erotic stories involve every kind of kink imaginable and then some: from spanking to domination and submission, from solo experiences to group games, and from guilty secrets to public places. These vivid accounts of sexual encounters will startle, amuse, shock, and excite. Whatever your kink, you’ll find it here and in uniform!

Available — Running PressAmazonAmazon UKBarnes & Noble




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