2018 wasn’t my greatest year, but it was vastly better than the previous three years before it. Not all of it was bad. In fact, most of it was pretty good.

In 2018, I got (and continue to get) healthier; I got a new job; and accomplished some things I’ve been wanting to accomplish in my personal life.

In 2019, I hope to continue down this path. I’ve made some resolutions. Most importantly, I’ve set some goals for my writing career.

  • Blog More.

I was pretty terrible at blogging last year, never really knowing what to talk about and not finding the motivation to do so. I’m going to change that this year. I won’t say I’m going to become a blogging aficionado overnight, but I’m going to try my best to put out more content for the readers who (somehow) enjoy my blog.

  • Read More.

This was a resolution I’d made last year too. I did better last year than in 2017, but I know I can do vastly better. There are so many good books I’ve yet to get around to.

  • Publish More Books.

This is the big one. In 2018 I hadn’t put out a single new book or story, which sucks. Especially as I have an amazing story that’s nearly ready to be sent off for publication that I’ve neglected, always too busy or too tired for it. I am definitely going to change this in 2019 and you can hold me to it. Look out for more books by Theophilia!

  • Attend a Book-Related Event.

Whether it’s a convention, signing, retreat, or book launch party, I hope to attend at least one book event and experience firsthand what it’s like, connect with my fellow authors in person, connect with readers, and just feel the energy of being with likeminded people enjoying what we love: books. Plus I want to travel more, and most of these events are usually outside of my immediate location.

Well, those are my hopes and plans for this year, as far as being a writer and bibliophile goes. What are some of the resolutions you’ve made that involve your career or are non-typical? I love comments so leave me one below!

Until next time,



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