Top 3 Anime of 2017

Anyone who’s read my blog and follows me on social media knows by now that I’m a big anime fan and have been for a while. Seriously, I’m always on the prowl for good, new anime to watch. Last year, I did a top 3 anime of 2016, which you can read here. 2017 was another great year. I discovered some new gems and re-watched some old (and not-so-old) faves.

Here are my top 3:

3. RIN: Daughters of Mnemosyne


I’d actually seen this one many years ago when my sister bought the English-language DVD set and had loved it then. When I saw that Crunchyroll had uploaded the Japanese-language, subtitled version, I thought “Why not take this trip down memory lane and see if I still feel the same way about it?” Yep. RIN: Daughters of Mnemosyne is still just as awesome. To sum it up, RIN is grotesque, dark erotica without any of the cutesiness you usually find in anime. The plot is complex, too. A mysterious tree, Yggdrasil, sometimes appears in the human world to release seeds or orbs called Time Fruits. When one of those orbs enters a human female, she becomes an Immortal. The main character, Rin, is an Immortal who works as a private investigator with her partner. Rin is, in short, a badass. A beauty who acts whimsical but is really cunning and ruthless. The story has its own mythology and spans the course of 65 years. Its edginess factor is off the chart with the violence and gore and sex (most of it lesbian sex). RIN: Daughters of Mnemosyne is only six episodes long, but I have yet to find another anime like it. I think this one will always be a cult favorite of mine.

2. Attack on Titan Season 2


Finally. The long-awaited season 2 of the popular anime show. From the moment I first decided to watch this, I’ve been hopelessly hooked. For those who haven’t heard of Attack on Titan, the story falls into the dark fantasy, post-apocalyptic genres, which I love. It takes place in the distant past, where 100 years prior, humanoid-like giants (called Titans) suddenly appeared and nearly wiped out humanity by devouring them. What remains of humankind has sequestered themselves inside of three walls and has lived in relative peace. UNTIL… one day a 50 meter Titan appears and destroys the outer wall, allowing Titans to get in and wreak havoc. Eren Jaeger, the main character, gets a too-personal look at the Titans and their destructive natures, and after suffering losses, has vowed to kill every Titan in existence. A monumental task for such a small boy. The anime is great in that not only does it tackle things like survival and death, but also politics, war, and the toll it can take on one’s mental and physical health. This is without a doubt, one of the best anime I’ve ever watched. Great soundtrack, great art, dialogue, dimensional characters, and I’m pretty sure the creator must have been some sort of military strategist in another life. I cannot wait for the next season.

However, as much as I love Attack on Titan, the anime that grabbed me the most this year and held on with tight fists was

1. Kuzu no Honkai a.k.a. Scum’s Wish


So the story goes: high-schooler Hanabi is in love with Narumi, her childhood friend-turned-teacher. Narumi, however, is in love with Akane, the beautiful and mysterious music teacher. Hanabi meets Mugi, a classmate who is also in love with Akane—as she used to tutor him when he was in middle school. Hanabi and Mugi decide to start a fake relationship to appease their loneliness, both sexually and emotionally. They also agree to not fall in love with each other, and that should one or both of them have their love returned from either Akane or Narumi, then they would end their relationship. Sound like a Lifetime movie yet? But this show gets darker and more complex than you can imagine. Because then you are introduced to two more people: Moka and Ecchan, both of whom carry flames for Mugi and Hanabi, respectively. The main theme here is unrequited love. Just about all of these characters are very passionate, but very depraved and selfish. They use each other in some of the worst ways without a care to anyone’s feelings but their own. Hence why they’re called scums. (There is one character who was such a bitch—and I don’t use that lightly—and I’ve never before wanted to choke a fictional character like I did this particular one). Issues were abundant such as obsession, narcissism, promiscuity, insecurity, etc.  The show is mired with drama, but it has a total sense of realism. A little exaggerated, maybe, but real nonetheless. These are characters you can relate to in one way or the other, even if you don’t like what that reveals about you.


Kuzu no Honkai is a disturbing anime (in the best way possible) that’s done beautifully and has great music scores. The ending was not what I’d expected, but I admit it was emotionally satisfying and so realistic.

I was thoroughly impressed by this show. So much so, I re-watched it a second time with my sister (who, by the way, doesn’t watch anime anymore) and she loved it.

So those are my top 3 anime of yesteryear. Do any of you have any anime (or other shows) you’re watching? I’m not the only anime fan in the blogosphere, am I? Leave comments below! I love to chat with like-minded people!

Until next time,



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