I’m Back! Author Update

I am finally back online!


For those of you who probably didn’t notice—or cared about—my absence from social media, I’ve had to let go of the Internet for a little while. But everything’s good now, and I’m back online. Finally. I’ve missed you guys.

But without the Internet sucking up all my time, I’ve managed to get a few things done. I’ve finished up my story, Obsession, and it’s in its editing stage. I can’t wait to share it with you all.

I’ve also finished the outline for my next novel, whose title I’m still on the iffy side about. I’m so anxious to get this one out, especially now that I have everything in its chronological order and I know the ending.

Another thing I’ve done is read. A lot. I finally picked up Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist, and that book is so inspiring, let me tell you. It’s no surprise that even people like Madonna and Bill Clinton have raved about it. I haven’t been able to stop gushing about The Alchemist since reading it, and I advise everyone to read it—especially if you’re chasing after your dreams in life.

One of my many favorite quotes from the book is: “If you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.”

What do you all want to achieve?

Well, that’s all the updates I have for now. I leave you with a preview of my WIP, Obsession, below. Have a good day. Dream big.



Nick glared at the hand on his arm, the grip tight enough to be offensive. His gaze crawled its way up to the owner. The guy was handsome. Tall. European looking with dark blond, stylish hair, and piercing hazel eyes. Those eyes stared at him expectantly, waiting for his response. His full mouth was parted slightly.

Nick reminded himself he was at work, so he couldn’t go off on a rude customer again. Not if he wanted to keep his job. Nick shrugged off the stranger’s grip. “Sorry, no.” He carried the empty water pitcher through the lively crowd toward the bar.

His best friend, Eric Ruiz, raised a brow at him. “What was that about?”

“No clue. He called me Christian.”

Eric frowned, stroking his goatee. “Christian? What, the name or the religion?”

“Do I care?”

“Sounds like a poor attempt at hollering at you, hermano.” Eric sneered as he raked in the customer’s appearance. “Upper East Side boys ain’t got no game.”

Nick glanced over his shoulder, back at the table he’d just walked by. Even though he was with someone, the stranger stared at Nick. His expression had hardened, almost dangerously so. “What the hell is his problem?”


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