Spotlight With Michele Rakes

Hello everyone! Today, I’m ecstatic to host my good friend, Michele “Mikey” Rakes–author of multiple M/M novels, all of which are hot and dark. Two of my favorite things. She’s here talking about not only herself, but her novel, Trainwreck, which will be released as a five part series.

Before we get to the juicy Q & A I had with Mikey, here’s a bit more about Trainwreck.


Detective Sergeant Vincent Sweetwater hates dead bodies. That’s why he’s an undercover narc and not a homicide dick. So why is he standing on a sandy beach in California staring at a lifeless body—oh yeah, the suicide attempt. Lieutenant Hanson is making a statement. Something about life worth living. Shows what he knows.

As Vince examines the tortured body, he feels an empathy and déjà vu for the victim, her wounds are similar to scars he has only a vague memory receiving. An intense desire to find her killer fills his queasy belly as a dark game of cat and mouse begins.

The young woman’s death forces Vince back into a secret life dominated by sex, perversion, and sadomasochism. Estranged from his wife he still loves and longing for the man who possessed him once, Vince buries his torment deep inside meaningless sex.

*Warning: This book contains adult content and situations. NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH.


TSC: Now, let’s hear from Mikey. Please tell us a little about yourself.

MR: Well, I’m a Pacific Northwest native, born and raised in the Puyallup Valley. I’ve been writing stories since I first learned to write. Some of my main interests are Egyptology, archaeology, mythology, history, and of course mysteries. The unknown has always fascinated me. My grandmother was a bit of a gypsy and an occultist. I’m pagan and believe in the Mother Goddess and Father God. The source is represented in many natural things.

TSC: What made you choose to write in the MM genre?

MR: Everything is inside the writer’s scope, including male male or gay romance. Human beings are diverse and when I had begun writing Trainwreck back in 2010, I had no idea this genre existed. I wish I’d known.

TSC: What is the most taboo thing you’ve ever written?

MR: Nothing too terribly taboo, but for some reason folks tend to get hung up on the fact that Vince and Mica (who are completely unrelated by blood) were foster siblings. As far as writing taboo, I have a project coming up in the next year or so that might have a few taboos in it.

I suppose some folks consider some of the dub-con in Trainwreck might be taboo, but I think it’s rather mild. I’d like to write about some twins. For some reason twincest appeals to my creative side.

TSC: Yes, twincest does have a certain appeal. How far have you gone in the name of research? (For example: Participated in a BDSM scene to get the details right; Traveled to a remote location; Reenacted scenes from your manuscript with a S/O).

MR: All my sex scenes are acted out by myself along with my husband or other partners. I participate in BDSM. I’m a masochist who sometimes switches if the moment is right. As far as dead bodies…had my share of dealing with a few in my former occupations. Human anatomy is also a part of my former job as a scrub tech. I can give a detailed recounting of how to surgically remove a testicle. Vivid account.

TSC: I’ll remember that for future reference. What does your daily writing schedule look like? Do you plan when you write or do you write when the mood arises?

MR: No, I don’t plan to write, more like when the mood takes me. I used to write every Friday, but my new job has put a stop to that, so I just squeak it in when I can find the time.

TSC: What is the best piece of writing advice you’ve ever received?

MR: You can’t please everyone, so don’t try, because then you will fail.

TSC: I actually really love this advice. Lastly, what can we expect from you in the future?

MR: Well, After Party is almost finished. It’s the follow up to Saving Kane and Fourth and Long. Then Maddox and Frank, which is completely plotted out. Then it’s Surviving Adam, the follow up to Trainwreck. When all of Trainwreck is out and the rest of my WIP is out, then I plan to write a fantasy /sci-fi.

TSC: I, for one, am looking forward to anything you plan to release. I can’t wait. Thank you so much, Mikey, for joining me today! Now here’s an excerpt from Trainwreck.


Excerpt: Vince stood in the doorway of the bathroom stall trembling with rage. He wanted to rip the door off the hinges. He wanted to hurt someone, but he couldn’t bring himself to step over the line again, not with so much at stake.

“When I find this bastard I’m going to rip his fucking dick off, shove it up his ass, and pull it out his mouth,”Vince growled.

He couldn’t rip his gaze from the body of a blonde, green-eyed female stripped naked, and duct taped to the toilet. The poor girl’s face still betrayed her agony. A lavish pool of blood coagulated in the clogged drain.

The girl’s delicate throat, slit from ear to ear in a gruesome exaggeration of a smile, splayed open. The ivory of her cricoid visible through the crimson. Like bloody teeth. The curtain of blood dried sticky on her pale skin. A pair of pink panties peeked out from the duct tape wrapped around her head.

“He killed her here,”Nick whispered, looking over Vince’s shoulder. “That’s different.”

“He hated her,”Vince said.

Trainwreck Book One is available now at Amazon. Fans of the first part will love Book Two, which is also available at Amazon.


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