Teaser Tuesday

Teaser Tuesday

Today, I’m sharing a lil’ tease from my soon-to-be published story, Three-Way Weekend! The book comes out next month from Fireborn Publishing, and I’m super excited for everyone to read it. Hopefully, this excerpt will whet your appetite for more.

Title: Three-Way Weekend

Jeremy wished he had a glass of water. His mouth had dried up like the Sahara. It took a moment before he asked, “How long have you been in Miami?”
“I don’t live here. I’m only visiting before returning to Spain.”
“I’m a Miamian. Born and raised.”
Javier’s smile was unnerving.
“Ethan wants you,” Jeremy blurted.
“I know.”
Jeremy frowned. “It doesn’t bother you that a committed man wants to have sex with you?” He wondered just how many happy couples have broken up over this guy.
“No.” Javier leaned in close, his mouth pressed against Jeremy’s sensitive lobe.
Shit. Don’t get hard…
Javier’s deep laughter rumbled against his ear. “It doesn’t bother me, if his partner wants me, too.”


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