Welcome to Teaser Tuesdays!

Teaser Tuesday

In order to spice up my blog a bit, I’ve decided to start a new thing I call Teaser Tuesdays (Original, I know)! Every other Tuesday, I’ll be sharing a few words or excerpt from one of my works, whether it be a current WIP, something I’ve written ages ago, or even something soon-to-be published! Some teases might be sweet, while others might be downright erotic, so expect something different each week! Hopefully you’ll all enjoy these snippets of my work.

So without further ado:

My very first tease is a scene from one of my current WIPs.

Title: N/A

“You ditched me to care for your wife,” Koji interrupted. “It’s obvious she’s more important to you than I am.”
Benjamin gripped the younger male’s shoulders. “I wanted to go, I promise you, but I was forced to keep up appearances.” He had to keep up the loving husband charade at all cost. If he didn’t, Amy would grow suspicious. And if Amy grew suspicious, she’d find out about them. If that happened, Benjamin would be stripped of his work visa and deported back to America. Despite Koji being of legal age, fraternizing with a student’s son was just a line that wasn’t crossed in Japan. He would never be allowed to step foot into the country again.
Koji removed his hands. “I get it. She’s been your wife for over fourteen years. You love her. No matter what I say, it won’t change the fact you care for her.”
Benjamin shook his head. “I love you. I need you.
Koji grabbed a fistful of his hair, bringing their faces close, their lips almost touching. “Is that true?”
Benjamin inhaled the boy’s sweet scent of honey and wildflowers. “Yes, dear gods, yes.”
“Take off your clothes.”
Even though he would possibly be late for class, Benjamin peeled off his starched shirt and khakis. If it would make Koji happy with him again, he would do anything.


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