Double Release!

There are two things that I absolutely love in this world: Football. Hawaii. And hot gay romance. Okay that’s three things 🙂

Anyway, these two amazing books have all of these in abundance! Amazing characters, beautiful locale, and plenty of action. Not to mention, they are beautifully written and will TUG on your heartstrings!

Fourth and Long by Michele M. Rakes follows the story of Irus Beaumont and Jackson McCoy. Irus Beaumont, cornerback for the Highlanders, has an issue with his nemesis: wideout for the Pirates, Jackson McCoy. Partly jealous over Jackson’s skill and ability to scrub coverage, Irus also struggles against an unbearable attraction to the receiver. Firmly ensconced in the closet, Irus also has a no football player rule, leaving his desires for Jackson unfulfilled. Anti-gay sentiment in the league keeps Irus closeted, even though he’d rather be out and proud.

When Jackson McCoy suffers a gay bashing at the hands of his team mates after winning the national championship, he finds himself traded to the Highlanders. Spring training brings out Jackson’s competitive nature, eliciting the aggression of his new team’s cornerback, Irus Beaumont.

In practice, Irus hurts Jackson badly. The injury places Jackson on the reserve roster. Jacks has plenty of time to contemplate his life, career, and his attraction to the sexy cornerback. Off to Orlando for the best rehab where guilt inspires Irus to call him every evening, Jackson can’t stop thinking about Irus, or what the season holds for his team.

  Buy Link: Loose-Id

* * *

Hawaiian Lei by Meg Amor follows the story of Beau Toyama and Matt Quintal. Beau Toyama, a “mixed plate” Hawaiian/Japanese/Tahitian man, is a flight instructor on the Big Island of Hawaii. He’s a lovely, gentle, shy soul from a dysfunctional island. One day his wife Mikey said, “I love you, babe, but this isn’t working. I need a good man…” She’d paused. “And so do you.”

Matt Quintal, a New Zealand painter with a Norfolk Island and Maori background, has been living the “gay scene” in LA and knows it’s a crock. Needing to escape—his Polynesian soul is drawn back to the Pacific. He visits his sister Rach in Kona on the Big Island, where his spirit connects.

When Matt’s heart is drawn to the sound of a biplanes radial engines flying overhead, his life is about to change. There’s an instant soul connection and heat between Beau and Matt. Unbeknown to them, the spirit of Beau’s mom Tehani, has guided Matt home to Beau.

Beau and Matt need to work together to overcome family dysfunction and abuse. Can they reveal their deep emotional vulnerabilities to find redemption and healing? What they both want is a loving relationship. But they must allow their hearts and souls to open before they can love and trust again.

Buy Link: Loose-Id

Both of these sizzling stories will have you pining for football season to hurry and start, while also desiring to visit beautiful Hawaii. Or maybe both. Perhaps you’d like to watch the start of football season from the comfort of your Hawaiian beach house while catching the ocean breeze and sipping Mai Tais. 🙂

Happy Reading!


One thought on “Double Release!

  1. Wow!!! Thanks so much Theophilia!! That’s just fabulous 🙂 I didn’t know you were going to do this. 🙂 Thanks. 🙂 I’m so rapt. Big hugs to you. Let me know if I can ever do anything for you. It’s just wonderful!!! Aloha Meg 🙂

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