Apron, With Love

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This is a 6000+ story I wrote a few years back about one of my favorite couples, Ray and Warren. There is love, lust, an apron, and smut. LOTS of smut. So you might want to have some tissues handy. 😉

Since this story is Valentine’s-themed, I thought it’d be perfect to share with you all. Hope you enjoy it! I’d really appreciate a comment if you did!

(Image belongs to rightful  owner)
(Image belongs to rightful owner)

* * *

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Ren.”

Raymond Rothchild couldn’t help a self-satisfied smile, watching the bewildered expression on Warren’s face. They were alone in their Manhattan penthouse, Warren just now returning from a dinner with his agent.

Ray had waited up for him. Wearing only an apron. Nothing else.

“Holy shit, Ray.” Warren tossed his fur-lined leather jacket onto the couch, his baby blue eyes skimming over Ray in blatant appreciation.

Although Ray was out of his comfort zone, he appreciated the earnest looks. The fact his extremely tidy partner hadn’t hung up his designer jacket said a lot.

“I did forget the actual day, so I wanted to make up for it.” Sometimes, he easily forgot Warren was younger and still got sappy over the holiday.

Ray stood, cringing at the cool breeze on his bare ass. The thick, white apron barely covered his front, coming to mid-thigh. The back, however, was nothing more than flimsy straps at the neck and waist holding the thing on him.

Ignoring his unease, he continued, “You’re no longer upset, are you? I really am sorry.”

Ray’s body froze as his lover approached, raking a hand through his mop of pale blond locks. Warren was the walking, oozing example of sex appeal. He had smooth skin, chiseled features, and magnetic eyes that put Ian Somerhalder’s to shame. And his body…despite the layers of designer clothing protecting him from the February temperature, Ray pictured his physique perfectly. Broad. Sinewy. Hard.

Heavy hands landed on his shoulders as they stood chest-to-chest. Warren’s sweet alcohol-laced breaths mingled with his. “Ray?” Warren whispered.

“What?” Ray replied, distracted by the tip of his lover’s pink tongue gliding over his perfect lips. His cock twitched.

Warren leaned in, blanketing Ray in the fresh menthol scent of his Aqua Velva aftershave. He wanted to kiss him. It seemed like ages had passed since they’d been intimate.

“Don’t worry about it,” Warren said, his low, husky voice interrupting his thoughts. “Thanks for this. I know cosplay isn’t your thing.”

Ray licked his own lips, staring into those blue eyes. “No worries, really.”

Warren grinned. “Now then.”

The spell broke as he pulled back, snatching away the heat and growing feelings of arousal. Ray cleared his throat; regained his bearings.

“Will you cook for me, Ray?”

“Come again?” Thinking of his earlier disaster in the kitchen, Ray was not prepared for round two.

Warren stood, hands on his hips, staring at him with those unnerving eyes and mocking smile. “Food. Sustenance. There was only processed shit on the menu so I didn’t eat. I’m starving. Will you cook?”

Ray bit back his complaint. Coming up with an impromptu meal had not been in the plan. “Fine, but I’m only doing something simple.” He strolled over the cool bamboo floors, once again heading for the kitchen. From behind, he heard Warren’s sharp inhalation, knowing his lover caught a glimpse of his bare ass.

“I don’t care what you make, as long as I get to watch.”

Ray glared at him. Of course, he’d expected Warren to say something like this. The pervert was a voyeur. He’d even installed a full mirror over their bed.

In the kitchen, Ray chopped up Romaine lettuce, organic vegetables, and fresh herbs. All ingredients for a perfect salad.

The room grew uncomfortably quiet, only the sounds of the knife hitting the wooden chopping block filling the space.

Shivers trailed down Ray’s spine.

He could feel Warren’s gaze on him, watching. Particularly, his ass. His cheeks warmed, as if Warren was staring at them through a pair of laser beams.

Ray cleared his throat and tried to ignore all the crazy flips inside his gut. “When’s your next photo shoot?”

“Calvin Klein in the morning.”

Ray nodded. He listened to Warren’s shifting in the stool and his unsteady breaths.


“What?” His voice had lowered an octave deeper.

“Would you not masturbate in the kitchen, please?”

Warren’s erotic chuckle made his balls tighten. “Your ass turns me on. Can’t help myself.”

Pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose, Ray didn’t comment as he emptied shredded goat cheese and pomegranate seeds into the salad bowl. He knew better than to encourage him.

But still…

His entire backside felt bathed in heat, and his ass clenched at the thought of something hard and heavy pressed against it. He gripped the knife in his fist, licking his lips as his body became aroused.

Damn, was he really this worked up?

“Ray.” Warren’s voice resonated beside his ear. Ray dropped the knife, almost chopping off his fingers in the process.

“Christ, Ren,” he said, wondering why he’d been surprised in the first place. Warren could only keep his hands off for so long.

“I’m horny.”

Ray’s body tingled all over as his lover pushed his Diesel jean-clothed cock against his backside. He was erect.

“I’m making your salad.” The attempt was half-hearted, but he had to say something. His nerves were on fire.

“I’d rather claim my Valentine’s gift.” The scorching tongue sliding across the nape of his neck only helped speed up Ray’s compliance.

Warren continued, “You didn’t really think you could go around wearing nothing but an apron and not have kitchen sex, did you? I mean, the two are synonymous.”

A large hand lifted the hem of his apron, gliding upwards until the fingers tweaked his nipple. Ray inhaled a sharp breath.

God, his nipples were sensitive.

“Like, you know, peanut butter and jelly. Doesn’t make sense to have one without the other.” Warren pinched the erect nub between his fingertips, rubbing it in circles.

Ray’s cock reacted to the stimulation, hard and peering vulgarly from beneath the apron’s hem.

“If I don’t take you now, it wouldn’t make sense.”

As Warren ground against him, Ray gripped the black granite countertop and closed his eyes as a wave of lust smashed into him. Giving in to this insatiable beast was inevitable. He might as well do it while he still had some dignity.

“Alright then. Fuck me. Claim your gift.”

Warren kissed the nape of his neck. “I really do love when you talk dirty.”

The kisses moved beyond the straps at his neck, leaving a wet, heated trail down his spine and tailbone. Ray shuddered as Warren’s palms caressed his butt.

“This ass,” Warren breathed, massaging the firm mounds of flesh between his hands.

“Fuck,” Ray groaned, reveling in the arousal spreading like wildfire throughout his body while Warren’s skilled tongue danced circles on his skin.

His cheeks were spread and the cold breeze on his exposed entrance was quickly replaced with a hot mouth. He went weak-kneed. Warren had only started and already he wanted to come.

Ray fought the urge to stroke himself as Warren’s tongue glided across his taint.

Although he was turning into putty at the dexterous hands—and mouth of his lover, he didn’t want to melt before the climax.

“Wow, Ray. You taste like all the finest wines in the world, wrapped up into one sexy bottle.”

“Jesus,” he breathed.

He watched with passive interest as Warren reached for the glass bottle of extra virgin olive oil and coated his hand with the slick stuff.

“Ray, stick your ass out.”

Ray complied, too horny to let himself interfere with his own happy ending.

“Thank you.”

Warren’s fingers were hot and moist as he pushed them inside, thrusting the digits in and out of his taut anus. “Babe, look at how your body swallows me up.”

Shut up. He bit back the pleasured moans threatening to spill from his lips. His body seemed intoxicated, his cock wet at the tip and ready.

“See that, Ray?” Warren stood behind him now, his warm, sweet breaths blowing soft puffs against his earlobe. “Your body never protests me. It’s always your mouth that speaks out of turn.”

With one hand still fingering his ass, Warren brushed Ray’s lips with the pad of his thumb.

Ray’s lips parted, taking his thumb into his mouth and sucking. Just as Warren liked.

Those skilled fingers pressed gently—just the barest of touches—against his prostate, but it was enough to make him cry out.

He needed more. Now.

As if reading his mind, Warren pulled out. Ray barely heard the sound of a zipper coming undone before he was pushed face down onto the counter, his hips gripped hard, legs spread even further.

Fuck, that turned him on even more.

The breaths over his body were harsh; the kisses to his back frenzied. He smelled the fresh vegetable and citrus scent of the oil as Warren coated his dick with it.

“Can’t hold back, Ray, sorry. You’re too fucking hot in this thing.”

Ray glanced over his shoulder, locking his dark gaze on Warren’s impressive package, taut and erect. His lover was a solid eight inches. Though he could work it to their endless pleasure, when all that self-control flew out the window, Ray expected a sore ass.

Fortunately, the masochist in him enjoyed that as well.

Ray’s body tensed in anticipation. He clutched the countertop. Wet his dry lips. The initial thrust was hot and painful. His spine bowed as his body stretched to accommodate Warren’s girth.

Warren filled him completely, melding their bodies together into a perfect fit. His cock pulsed deep inside. He pushed his hips backward, sheathing more of the intrusion with his body.

God, Warren’s growls against his skin turned him on.

“Fuck yes,” Warren said, voice strained. Those large hands smoothed over the small of his back before tightening their grip on his hips.

Before he could beg to be taken, Warren slid that amazing cock halfway out before slamming it back inside, balls deep. Ray moaned.

He couldn’t comprehend Warren’s lusty words past the physical sensations. Everywhere Warren touched, every hard thrust, turned him into a boneless puddle.

Warren fucked like an Olympic competitor.

His hips started steady, pacing slowly. Everything turned intense shortly after. The fast rocking and hard thrusts made his face ache from the constant grind on the countertop. Ray’s lower body banged against the surface. Pre-cum dripped from his cock onto the bamboo floor.

“Holy fuck, you feel so good,” Warren breathed.

“Damn…it.” Taking his erection in hand, Ray stroked slowly, moaning at all of the sensitive nerve endings and the heightened pleasure. Warren’s pace guaranteed a bruise on his forearm from bumping the surface so hard and often.

Closing his eyes against the onslaught, Ray could just die. There was no better way to go out, joined bodily with his soul mate. He strongly felt that Warren was exactly that, and not only because they were sexually compatible.

Ray’s eyes flew open when he was pulled up and pressed tight against a sweaty, rock hard body. The musky scent of sex mingled with Warren’s natural sandalwood and menthol smell. The erotic blend was intoxicating. A natural libido booster.

Warren’s cock burrowed even deeper inside, the thrusts hard and punctuated. Ray lost his glasses. Completely high on lust, he didn’t care.

Shivers made the hair on his nape stand as Warren’s wet tongue darted across his ear, taking the lobe into his mouth and sucking hard. “Don’t touch your dick,” Warren whispered. “I’ll be pissed if you make yourself come.”

“We don’t want that, do we?” Ray reluctantly let go of his cock, only to find it replaced by Warren’s fist, wrapped tightly around the base.

“Look at me.”

Rayturned sideways to meet his lover’s lips and tongue. That velvety organ slipped into his mouth and dominated the ensuing dance. Warren’s hand traveled up his body, pinching his puckered nipple and teasing the small bud.

Ray groaned. Shit, he was going to come soon.

Ray was invigorated as Warren’s body ground against his. He savored the familiar sensation of his cock claiming him, and the dominating scents. The hand gliding along his shaft sped up. The pumping made his balls tighten. His body soared.

“Fuck, I’m close…,” he mumbled against the sweet warmth of his lover’s mouth.

Warren nipped his lips. “Me too.”

Ray’s body trembled, as if an earthquake erupted inside of him. He growled when Warren squeezed his shaft, sending him over the edge. Stars filled his vision as his hot seed spilled onto the floor and even into the salad bowl, coating the leafy greens like a dressing.

“Shit, Ray…that was beautiful,” Warren breathed. “My turn.” His thrusts grew erratic, his breaths hot and heavy against his slick skin.

Ray stared straight ahead, dazed, when Warren let go of a big exhale and came, filling him with his cum. He shuddered.

Warren’s warm lips pressed against his shoulder. “You’re amazing, babe. This is the best Valentine’s Day gift ever.”

“Yes, well…”

Warren swiftly pulled out his cock and spun him around, interrupting his next words. He pushed him backward, the cool granite countertop digging into his ass.

His mouth covered his, the kiss sweet and languid, and in it Ray could feel the appreciation the younger male possessed.

In the end, wearing the apron had been worth the effort.

When their lips parted, those baby blue eyes of his skimmed Ray over. “This fucking apron…”

Ray recoiled from the slow grin appearing on Warren’s handsome face. “Ren, what are you thinking?” His body tightened, already aware of the answer.

“Food. And then I wanna go again.”

* * *

Warren didn’t look so good, Ray noticed. Tonight they were dining at Obaku Cuisine, a rustic Japanese restaurant where the chefs grilled exotic foods in an intriguing show for the customers. Warren had decided to sit at the long, hardwood counter so they could have a closer look. But now he appeared on edge. His hand covered his mouth, as if stifling the urge to vomit.

“I’ll be right back,” Warren said, standing quickly.

Ray watched him leave, concerned for his lover. He’d go with him, but he was sure Warren didn’t need an audience for what he probably planned to do. Instead, Ray headed for the Sake Lounge, a similar-themed bar in the restaurant specializing in the potent Japanese liquor. He refilled his glass, straightening the lapels of his charcoal gray, tweed Hugo Boss suit—a belated Valentine’s Day gift from Warren.

In the dimly lit bar, Ray noticed other couples enjoying drinks and intimate chatter, probably relishing similar situations.

Though I’m sure they didn’t have the same night we had, he thought.

His ass still throbbed in protest of all the fun they’d gotten up to last night. Sitting down made him feel like Warren was still inside him.

A deep blush darkened his features. His cell phone rang, interrupting the direction his thoughts were taking. He answered without looking at the number.

“Ray?” Warren’s deep voice sent shivers down his spine.

Ray cleared his throat. “Where are you?”

“Restroom. Hey, can you give me a hand in here?”

“Yeah, I’ll be right there.” Hanging up the phone, Ray polished off his sake even though his stomach churned with worry. Warren hadn’t sounded particularly ill, or even constipated, but had asked for Ray’s help. This wasn’t like him.

Ray made it to the restroom in record time, pushing open the heavy doors and stepping inside. Warren stood in front of one of the porcelain sinks, his blazer resting on top of the tan granite countertop.

“Is everything—”

Before Ray could finish, Warren strode over to him, pushing his back against the cool door and crushing his lips with his.

A deep groan escaped them both.

Ray perked as the door’s lock slid into place. He tilted his head to the side, unlocking their lips. “What are you doing?”

Warren’s forehead pressed against his shoulder. His skin was warm and slightly damp with sweat. “I can’t take it anymore,” he mumbled.


“The chefs. I can’t look at them anymore.”

Hiding his confusion, Ray patted his younger lover’s head. “Why? Did you happen to see one of them put poison in our food?”

“No,” Warren growled, standing up straight so he could tower over him. The expression on his handsome face was filled with pain.

“What’s wrong?”

“Oh God, the aprons,” he exclaimed. “I’ll never look at them the same after last night. They turn me on.”


Ray cleared his throat, at a complete loss of what to say, and growing flustered with each passing second. He hadn’t expected to scar Warren like this. When he glanced back at him, that expression had grown heated, those baby blues glassy with lust. His balls tightened.

“I want you,” Warren whispered, pressing his erection against his hip.

Ray’s words stuck in his throat, unable to dislodge as Warren nuzzled him.

“Mmm, I’ll take that as permission granted.”

His breathing was harsh as Warren’s skilled tongue trailed a map over his exposed flesh; deft fingers swiftly undid the buttons of first his blazer, dropping it to the floor, and working on his black Oxford next. He gripped the silver door knob as Warren’s erection ground against his pelvis.

Damn, he was hard, too, ready to continue what they’d started this morning.

“But we’re in a public restroom,” Ray breathed against soft, wet lips.

Warren’s grin was positively devilish. “So? You don’t sound too hung up about it.” Ray practically yelped as warm hands snaked into his pants, stroking him. “Besides, it’s turning you on, isn’t it?”

Shit, yes, it was. Despite his usual composure when in public.

Warren captured his lips again, cutting off all the thoughts of protest he’d contemplated. The kiss was feverish and desperate. Delicious. Warren’s hand wrapped around him, stroking hard flesh while his mouth swallowed his sounds of pleasure.

A part of Ray hoped someone needed to take a piss, because he felt too good right now. Things could only get more dangerous from here.

“Touch me, too,” Warren breathed, leading Ray’s hand to the throbbing erection behind his designer slacks.

His skin radiated heat, his stiff cock pulsing with the need to be caressed. Ray complied, rubbing the hard shaft from base to tip. Warren groaned into his mouth, a sweet sound that spurred his eagerness.

“I wanna be inside,” Warren whispered.

“Me too,” Ray replied, unable to think past the red haze taking over his mind. This man was sensuous, constantly driving him crazy, opening up a part of him he thought long suppressed.

The thought of masturbating in a public restroom two years ago was unfathomable.

“Can I, Ray?” Warren’s hand stroked him faster; squeezed him harder, driving spikes of pleasure throughout his body. He wanted to come.

Ray licked his lips, unable to form a coherent sentence. His hips moved of their own accord, pushing into Warren’s hand, begging to be brought.

“Say yes, babe. You know you want to.” Warren’s tongue forced its way inside his mouth, the sweet taste of alcohol conquering his senses.

Shit, his vision was dimming. His breaths came out in short pants. He was going to—

Ray clamped a hand on Warren’s wrist, stilling his lover’s actions before he ejaculated. He pushed the younger male back, relieved to be able to think clearly. “I’ll castrate you if you even think of messing up my suit.”

Warren ran a hand through his thick hair, seeming to come to terms with the potential bad outcomes. “Yeah, okay. I get it. But, I don’t wanna stay here.”

“Take out?” Ray was just glad Warren wasn’t pissed off. Though they were both hard and aching, nothing could be done about it now. He stood in front of the mirror, straightening himself up and dusting off his blazer.

“Yeah, sure. As long as they have a vegetarian’s dish.”

* * *

By the time they arrived home, Ray’s Rolex read almost midnight. After leaving Obaku Cuisine, they’d found a quaint, family-owned pizzeria. The place had been small and intimate, fairly nice despite its tacky interior decorating. The people were even friendlier, the head chef and owner going out of his way to bake a gluten-free veggie pizza at Warren’s request. Ray’s only complaint was that the teenaged daughter/waitress kept flirting with his lover.

For the most part, the evening had been enjoyable. They’d spent hours talking about work, life and making future plans for more date nights.

Ray kicked off his shoes once he opened the door to their penthouse. It started pouring after they’d left Obaku Cuisine, and his shoes were wet from dirty snow and rain. Warren mirrored his actions, pulling off his boots and jacket and hanging them to dry in the coat closet. “Are you working tomorrow?”

“I have an early meeting, yes.” Ray headed into their bedroom, pulling out a Hanes t-shirt and flannel pajama pants from their shared bureau. He quickly changed, wanting nothing more than to lie down for the rest of the night.

Warren went quiet in the living room, probably tuned into ESPN with the volume down low out of courtesy. Ray smiled to himself, glad to have such a considerate lover.

Right before he climbed into bed, something aluminum banged around in the kitchen.

Spoke too soon.

Ray left the room, irritated as he headed for the kitchen when another pot banged against the countertop. “Ren, what are you doing in here?”

He stopped as his dark gaze traveled the length of Warren’s muscled body. He was nude. Wearing nothing but a stark white apron. Ray’s apron.

A slow grin crept along Warren’s handsome face. “You know what we forgot at that pizza place? Dessert.” He held a hand out, beckoning Ray to him. “Come on, I wanna make a German chocolate cake.”

Ray’s throat went dry as he stared at the hard planes of tawny skin. How Warren still had this effect on him after a two year relationship baffled him.

“I have to be up early, Ren,” he said, knowing the excuse wouldn’t last long.

“I promise you’ll get plenty of rest. In fact, I guarantee you’ll sleep like a baby.”

Ray huffed at his arrogance. His brain was ready to shut down for the night, however his flesh had other plans. Pleasurable ones. “Dessert only. I can’t afford to be late to this meeting. It’s with a top client.”

“I hear ya,” Warren said, pulling him further into the kitchen.

Ray looked down at where Warren’s cock jutted, partially erect, from the hem of the apron. Being that he stood over two inches taller, he didn’t have the little bit of modest protection Ray had earlier. His balls were practically on display, but he didn’t seem to mind.

“Take your clothes off,” Warren said.

Ray glared at him. “Why?”

“Please? Just this once, humor me.”

Swallowing his annoyance, he stripped out of his pajamas, tossing the cotton fabric onto the floor away from the oncoming mess.

“Underwear, too.”

Ray hesitated, but pulled them off as well. Goosebumps prickled his skin despite the warm interior. “I’m a bit worried to even ask what you have planned.”

Warren laughed. “It isn’t bad. Now, get up here and lie down.” He patted the black granite kitchen island.

“You do realize how unsanitary this is, right?” Ray complied, shivering slightly as the cold surface pressed against his backside.

“Would you stop worrying? I told you I wanted to make dessert. Now open your mouth. Please.”

Using me, he thought, parting his lips. Something small and cold landed on his tongue, the rich sweetness giving him small satisfaction. The chocolate was from Germany, sweeter and creamier than even Hershey’s, perfect for the cake.

He watched Warren go over to the stove, stirring something in a small, saucer pot. Though the scent was faint, he gathered it must be more of the chocolate.

“I’m going to teach you how to make a proper Sachertorte, not the ruined mess you attempted.”

Ray chuckled, remembering his original make-up “gift”. Because of his lover’s German descent, he’d thought a German Chocolate cake would be appreciated. However, the cake—if he could even call it that—had been dry, flat and over-baked. Wearing the apron had been a last-second resort.

Warren returned to his side. “First, you need chocolate. Preferably German.”

“Well, of course I know that—” A hiss escaped him as stinging hot chocolate dripped onto his lower abs and pelvis. His back arched, and he fought down the urge to tackle Warren down and pour the liquefied lava onto his pretty face.

“Ah, did I forget to mention it needed to be melted?” Warren smirked lusciously, licking the spoon in a suggestive manner. Ray cursed.

“Shh, relax,” Warren continued. “This is only step one.”

Ray snorted. “I always thought you had sadistic tendencies. I should have known after I caught the utter glee on your face while reading 50 Shades of Grey.”

“Hey, now, that was the best birthday gift ever. I figured since you bought them for me, it must be some sort of manual on how you’d like to be pleased.”

Ray glared at him, unamused.

“Next, vanilla extract.” The cold ice cream was a stark contrast to the hot chocolate when Warren dribbled it onto his chest, abs and cock. His body tingled all over.

Warren licked a stray trail of cream from his ribs. Ray moaned. “Mmm, I do love vanilla. Next is raspberry sauce, but we’ll only use a little bit.”

He watched two spoonfuls of the fruity jam land on his nipples.

Ray licked his lips in anticipation, the scents of the various foods working like an aphrodisiac. He probably hadn’t recovered from last night’s work out, but his body didn’t care about details.

“Step three,” Warren said, circling the sauce across him slowly. “Blend the ingredients together.”

Drawing in a breath of air, Ray’s dark eyes tracked Warren as he dove in, tongue-first, licking and sucking his nipples in a slow, torturous manner. The suction of his mouth was hard, as if he wanted to suck the teats right off his chest. His teeth sank into the erect nub. Ray struggled to remain still as his cock throbbed and lengthened.

Warren’s blue eyes dropped to his crotch. He blew cool air across his hypersensitive skin. “A little nipple play and you’re undone, aren’t you?”

“Shut up,” Ray mumbled. Damn it, but Warren was right. For as long as he could remember he’d always had sensitive nipples. They were why he’d gotten into fights as a child whenever friends decided to play Nipple Twister with him.

Warren’s mouth covered his, giving him a taste of the tangy raspberry sauce he’d licked clean off his chest. Ray watched him move down his abs, rimming the chiseled folds of skin, his tongue blending with the glutinous cold, the warmth soothing.

He moaned softly, enjoying the feel of this erotic massage, even though he’d be a sticky mess later. Warren studied his face the entire time, those orbs darkening with lust as his tongue came to a stop near his cock. His chin was a mess of chocolate and vanilla, but he was still the sexiest thing on two legs.

As that velvety organ slid around his base, Ray’s back arched, his dick weeping drops of pre-cum into the remaining chocolate.

“What’s next?” Warren whispered. “Should I beat the ingredients with a whisk? Or should I pour them into the tin?”

Ray wet his lips, unsure how to answer. All he wanted was Warren’s mouth on him, taking him down into his throat. “Pour,” he replied.

Warren grinned. “Okay.”

Ray’s half-mast lids peeled open wide as Warren gripped his legs, bringing his knees to his chest. Feeling completely exposed, he stammered, “What are you doing?”

“Trust me, Ray. Now hold your legs steady.”

He obeyed, not sure what else to do. While he didn’t want the sensual assault to stop, he was wary of what Warren had planned.

“Step four: Pour into lined cake tin.” With a smile that made him nervous, Warren held up a spoonful of vanilla ice cream.

Ray knew exactly what he planned to do with it.

Even as he braced himself for it, the arctic ice cream came as a pleasant shock, chilling his insides. His sphincter muscles clenched tight around the invasion, his ass feeling like it had a rare case of brain freeze. His toes curled as Warren forced a finger inside.

“Ray,” he groaned, “you’re so tight. Feels like you’re about to swallow my entire finger.” As Warren’s digit fought its way deeper inside, Ray’s body opposed it, still reeling from the cold surprise.

His erection, however, didn’t deplete. His dick continued to solicit attention, pulsing as Warren’s finger pumped in and out of him.

“Fuck,” he growled, glaring down at the pink tongue licking the underside of his cock before swallowing him whole. Ray saw stars. He buried his fingers into the golden strands, thrusting his hips up to meet Warren’s hungry mouth that licked every drop and sucked him hard, begging for something thicker and more bitter than the sweet stuff.

It didn’t take long for Ray to become a panting mess, his balls tightening before letting loose an explosion that flickered his vision. His cum filled Warren’s orifice. A shudder went through him as his lover swallowed everything, the suction milking him for every single drop. What seemed like forever later, Warren pulled away, licking his fingers and wiping them on the apron.

“I’d better let you get some sleep,” he said.

Spent, Ray clasped his outstretched hand, his legs no more useful than jelly once his feet hit the cool floor.

“You need some help in the bathroom?” Warren asked suggestively.

“No,” Ray replied. He’d never get to sleep if Warren had his way. Just in case he gave in to that heated stare, Ray stumbled into the bathroom and locked the door, leaving Warren alone in the kitchen.

* * *

A quick shower later, Ray was back in his t-shirt and flannel pajama pants. The wall clock in the living room read fifteen past one a.m. He grumbled, thinking of the few hours he had before his six o’ clock meeting. There would be a lot of caffeine in his foreseeable future.

In the bedroom, the lights were all out, which should mean Warren had finally exhausted himself. Making his way through the darkness, Ray climbed into bed, hesitant as the man beside him stirred.

“Goodnight.” Ray pulled the thick, soft cover up to his chest. He closed his eyes and stretched, surprised at how loose his muscles felt. God, had he been so tense? Even after yesterday?

Warren groaned softly in his sleep, his warm body spooning Ray’s from behind. “Mmm, you smell good.”

Ray growled, annoyed. “You’re still awake?”

“I am now.”

He froze when Warren’s heavy erection nudged his thighs. Shooting out of bed, and Warren’s reach, Ray turned on the bedside lamp, bathing the room in dim light. “Jesus, Warren. I told you I have an early meeting. How the hell are you still hard?”

Warren smiled at him, his boyish charm shining through the innocent gesture, unaffected by his hard nude body on blatant display. “You got to come. I didn’t.”

“Why didn’t you take care of it in the bathroom?”

Warren chuckled. “Why would I ever use my hand again when I have such a sexy boyfriend?”

That resulted in a million nerve endings firing off in his dick at once. Ray glared at him, battling his warring emotions and the need to stay angry at the insatiable beast. However, the anger fled as a tiny, infinitesimal part of him still wanted Warren buried deep inside him. Just the finger hadn’t been enough, and though sucking him off had been blissful, it was Warren’s cock he’d craved the most.

“I don’t know,” Ray said, his steely resolve fading.

Warren stood on his knees, giving a full frontal view of his luscious body and straining erection. “Fifteen minutes. Maybe less. I wanna cum inside you.”

“Shit,” Ray breathed, butterflies lurching around his stomach.

Reluctantly, he allowed himself to be pulled onto the bed and beneath Warren’s anxious form. “Honestly, you’re like a gluttonous child. What are you going to do if I lose my job?”

Warren buried his nose against him, inhaling deeply. “If you went out of practice, you know I’d take care of you, right?”

Ray sucked in a deep breath as that hard length ground against his pelvis. “As if I’d let myself be taken care of by a brat,” he mumbled.

Warren chuckled before sitting upright. “Take off your clothes.”

Ray undressed, once again, and tossed his pajamas aside. He hadn’t even bothered with underwear this time. He watched Warren remove the queen size comforter, then reached into the nightstand for a bottle of lube. Ray had always thought it a bit tacky to keep a bottle there, of all places, but it’d actually come in handy on numerous occasions.

“Spread ’em,” Warren commanded, coating his fingers with the slick substance.

Leaning his back against the plush leather headboard, Ray spread his legs, baring his slightly stretched pucker for him. The hunger in Warren’s eyes was all it took to put him in the mood again. Though he might complain about the younger male’s insatiability, it was nice to be desired like this. Wanted. Even when he had self-conscious thoughts, that one look alone blew away all his doubts.

Everyone should have someone always looking at them like this, he thought.

Warren was on his knees in front of him, his harsh breaths caressing his ear while he thrust two well-lubed fingers inside him. “Sorry, Ray, can’t wait another second or I’m gonna explode.”

Ray groaned as lust spread over him. “Fifteen minutes.”

Warren’s grateful smile tugged at his heart. “Thanks, babe.”

Ray was dragged into the center of the bed, his legs spread wide, thrown haphazardly over Warren’s thick thighs. He wet his lips, bracing himself as the tip of that massive cock nudged his entrance.

A gasp caught in his throat when Warren slid inside him hard and fast. His body strained, stretched to capacity, working to sheathe every hard inch.

Warren went dead still. “Holy shit,” he groaned. “Ah, fuck…you’re so tight and so good.”

A frustrated whimper escaped Ray’s lips as his thick length vibrated inside. “Move,” he breathed.

Warren rocked his hips, pushing his cock out of him slow and easy, afraid to go too fast lest he orgasm so soon. Ray gripped the sheets beneath him. Although used to Warren’s rough fucking, he also enjoyed the slow, languid lovemaking. Anyway, his ass would probably thank him for it later.

Warren’s grip on his thighs tightened, observing him with lecherous eyes. Ray’s own gaze traveled the length of his body, monitoring the contraction of those rigid abs and the fluidity of his v-shaped hips. “Come here,” he demanded, wanting to feel the warmth of Warren’s hard physique pressed intimately against his own. Warren complied, their lips melding together in a passionate dance, both moaning as Warren slid in deep. Plunging his tongue into his lover’s mouth, Ray reveled in the sweet and musky taste.

He slid his arms around Warren’s back, his hands gliding across the smooth expanse of skin while holding him close. The speed of his thrusting increased, his breaths warm and wet against his cheek. “God, I love you,” the blond breathed, his voice strained. “You’re so goddamn perfect…Don’t know what I’d do without you.”

Ray couldn’t help but smile. “Shut up. You’d do fine without me.” He was sure it’d only take all of two-and-a-half seconds for Warren to find another lover if they ever called it quits.

Warren’s body encased him, the circling movement of his hips causing Ray’s eyes to roll backward into his skull as Warren’s cock banged every surface of his inner walls.

Shit, it felt so good.

Glancing up, Ray watched their lovemaking in the ceiling mirror. He couldn’t see as good without his glasses, but it was enough to make out the long lines of Warren’s body, his broad back and tapered waist covered in a light sheen of sweat. His swimmer’s hips and firm ass moved gracefully while fucking him, reminding him of those exotic belly dancers.

He fervently followed the way his body moved while he took him, slow and hard, grunting against his heated skin. Fuck, he was hot, and so completely erotic. Way better than porn.

The visual stimulation added even more to the physical stimulation, and again, he grew painfully aroused. “Warren…,” he breathed, his hips thrusting up of their own volition, grinding his aching erection against Warren’s lower abs.

“I know, babe, I’m gonna make you feel even better.” Raising his upper torso, Warren braced the side of Ray’s head, the muscles in his arms flexing as he used them to hold up his weight. He lost the gracefulness in his hips, instead driving his cock inside with teeth shattering intensity.

“Fuck,” Ray groaned, closing his eyes against the onslaught. He gripped Warren’s biceps, anchoring himself from slipping off the satin sheets.

“Like that?” Warren whispered, contorting his body to nibble his lower lip.

“Yes,” Ray replied, spreading his legs further to better accommodate him. The power and depth of his thrusts hurt like hell, but the pain was good. It sliced through the pleasure, merging the two into something that even the masochist in him enjoyed. “Harder,” he begged.

“So fucking hot.” Warren pulled almost all the way out, angled his hips, and pushed back inside. The blunt head nudged his prostate, sending a huge shockwave of gratification throughout his entire being.

Ray came hard, his orgasmic cries shredding his throat, while cum shot onto himself and Warren’s abs. Sparks littered his vision. His body felt like it was levitating, his back arching off the bed. His sphincter convulsed, clenching tight around Warren’s girth.

Warren grunted, his face twisting into a pained expression as his own orgasm crested. Those perfect lips crashed against his, and Ray was too exhausted to return the kiss properly. Instead, he glared through the mirror as Warren tensed a second before he came, too.

Ray’s mouth swallowed those orgasmic growls while his body drank up the scalding cum that filled him. When he finished, Warren collapsed beside him first, his glistening chest heaving up and down while he tried to catch his breath.

Ray held him close. The dark scent of sex and musk filled the air and clung to their skin like perfume.

“You’re amazing, Ray,” Warren said, the smile evident in his voice.

“Mhm,” Ray mumbled, closing his eyes. He really needed to get some sleep.

“Sorry about the mess.”

It took him a moment to realize Warren was talking about the cum leaking out of him. Not that he minded in the least. Ever since the two had become fluid-bonded some time ago, he’d actually enjoyed the sensation of Warren filling him.

Warren continued, “Do you want a towel or something?”

“No, Ren. I just want to lie here and go to sleep. I’ll deal with it when I get up.”

Warren’s soft laughter pierced through the darkness behind his lids. “Okay, then. I’ll just turn off the light.” The bed dipped under his weight as he reached over Ray to flick the lamp’s switch.

Ray sighed in contentment as the room was plunged in darkness, and Warren resumed spooning him. A gentle kiss was placed to the nape of his neck.

“Ray, you know my birthday’s coming up, right?”

“What of it?” Ray replied sleepily.

“I think I have an idea of the perfect present.”

“Let me guess,” Ray drawled. “An apron?”

Warren didn’t say anything, but he didn’t have to. The answer was in the way he held him tighter, that familiar smile buried against his skin.

Ray grinned at the thought of enjoying another two days like this. “We’ll see.”

The End


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