Introducing Incentive Training

For those who know me, I love the military. Especially my Marines! Even before my brief time in Marine boot camp, there was just something about a man in those Dress Blues… What my time spent in Parris Island did give me was a whole new respect for the Corps other than just the physical.
However, it wouldn’t be until years later that I looked back in hindsight and realized how completely dominant those Drill Instructors are. During boot camp, you pretty much hate them. They’re mean, controlling, aggressive, and they constantly push you, even when you don’t want to be pushed. They tell you what to wear and how to wear it, when to eat, what to say, how to address them, and they punish you if you do something they don’t like. It wasn’t until after I’d started learning about BDSM and specifically Dom/sub relationships that I thought, “Drill Instructors could so be Doms if they fucked their recruits.” I didn’t think to actually write an erotic piece about it at the time.
I’d written a non-erotic military story for a contest that, unfortunately, didn’t win. And I didn’t write any more military-themed stories for a while as I focused on other things. It wasn’t until I saw the submission call for unique uniform erotica themed stories for the Mammoth Book of Uniform Erotica anthology that I thought, “Why not?” The relationship between a DI and his recruits is kind of like a twisted D/s relationship. I’ll just add hot sex and see how it goes. I thought it would be a unique concept.
And that’s how SSgt. Jesse “Superstar” Montgomery was born. From out of nowhere, my tough, sexy Texan seemed to say, “Finally.” He wanted some action! Soon after, Montgomery was joined by Sgts. Kenneth Miles and Manuel Medina. I didn’t realize until later that all three of their last names started with “M” and they were all from different parts of Texas. (Montgomery’s from Dallas; Miles’ is from Houston; and Medina’s from El Paso). Totally wasn’t done on purpose.
So, I had three sexy DIs, and while wondering how to make this work, Danny suddenly appeared, a defiant recruit who was practically drooling over them. He wanted them, especially Montgomery, in a way that was indescribable. Who was I to deny him? His voice and sexual needs were so loud it overpowered everything else, and thus my original plan of writing a third-person multi-POV short ended up turning into the Danny Arrington show! Thibodeaux somehow got dragged along!
It was a lot of fun to explore the military angle, especially in this way. It also dredged up some memories of my time spent on the Island—minus the sexy parts. I look forward to everyone reading it as soon as it’s available!
Some trivia: I’d originally named the story “Fresh Blood” which is Marine terminology for “recruit,” but that was boring. After finishing the first draft, I chose “Incentive Training” because that’s exactly what Arrington and Thibodeaux go through. Just, in an unusual way.
Incentive Training also contains quite a bit Marine terminology and phrases, and I thought I’d translate a few for reference when the story becomes available:
• DI – Drill Instructor
• Squad Bay – Sleeping quarters, also referred to as “the house” or “barracks”
• Cammies – Desert and woodland combat utility uniform
• “Ears” – A command to listen to the DI, to which the recruits reply, “Open.”
• “Eyeballs” – A command to look and pay attention to the DI, to which the recruits reply, “Click.”
• “Aye, aye” – A term used by a subordinate to a senior in acknowledgement of an order
• Kill Hat – DI in charge of discipline
• Drill Hat – DI in charge of teaching recruits how to drill properly
• Ink Stick – Pen
• PT – Physical Training
• Quarter Deck – This is where you get IT’d (a.k.a. punished with PT)
• Deck – Floor
• Squad Leader – Person in charge of the squad
• Guide – Person in charge of the entire platoon
• DI House – The Drill Instructor’s office/room in the Squad Bay where they have a desk, computer and cot.
• Hatch – Door
• Head – Bathroom
• Bulkhead – Wall
• Cover – Uniform headgear
• Blouse – Any shirt that is part of the Marine Corps uniform
• Trousers – Pants
• Starboard – Right
• Port – Left
• Hygiene – Shower (or any other way to clean yourself)
• Rack – Bed
• Skivvies – Underwear
• Swab – Mop
• “Carry on” – A command to resume previous activity after interruption, to which recruits reply, “Carry on, aye, sir (ma’am).”
• Canteen – Water Bottle
• Chow – Meal time, also the food itself
I hope you look forward to reading “Incentive Training” in the Mammoth Book of Uniform Erotica Anthology, coming soon! Thanks for reading!

(Image belongs to rightful owner)
(Image belongs to rightful owner)

3 thoughts on “Introducing Incentive Training

  1. Theo, you and I can talk for hours about what we love in strong dominate men…men in dress blues, and the like. So what I want to say here is how proud I am of you and how much your friendship means to me. Even if you don’t here from me alot, doesn’t mean I’m not around the minute you need me. Now with that said, I want more Javier!

    Love Mikey

    1. Thank you, Mikey, and ditto! You’re such an amazing person. I’m glad I fell h-o-h with your work and got to talk to you and become close! 🙂
      Lol! Thank you! I’m hoping Javier and the boys will get picked up soon. Fingers crossed!

      1. They will. Its hard to not love them…someone would have to actively work on that-hehehe. Thanks for the retweet-btw! I still plan on picking your brain on Trainwreck, but it’s been a bitch trying to find the time to finish Fourth and Long. I’ll cross my fingers for your guys too, but I’m not worried. You often underestimate yourself. I have confidence in you.

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